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simply beautiful

the electric Motorman

urban lifestyle

join the electric revolution

100% electric

travel light


Silent, clean, fun to drive and 100% electric

  • Max speed: 45 km/h
  • Range: 50-65 km
  • Charging: external charger you plug into every socket
  • Charging time: 4-6 hours, or 3-4 hours with fast charger
  • Brake energy recuperation


High quality parts, especially made for the Motorman

  • Steel and CrMO steel frame
  • Handcrafted harness leather saddle and key
  • Brushless direct-drive motor
  • Lithium Ion battery
  • Hydraulic disc brakes


Built for you in the Netherlands in our own manufactury


Everything you always wanted to know

  • TÜV certified, all tests performed by TÜV Rheinland (Germany)
  • No special motorcycle license required, driver’s license is ok
  • Obliged to wear a helmet and insurance
  • Price: from €6.500 incl. VAT.
  • Available in your country? Please contact us

created byMEIJS

The design arose from a combination of idealism and practical necessity when Ronald Meijs noticed that urban mobility is increasingly becoming more problematic. We love cities for their human energy, the creativity, the business vibe, and the squares and streets where people meet. But we loath them for the poor air quality, the constant noise, and the lack of personal space. We drive in big, luxury, complex cars but get annoyed by the heavy traffic and parking problems.

Ronald searched for a solution with the idea at the back of his mind that, more than anything else, mobility should be light and pleasurable. From the very outset, it was immediately clear that the vehicle should not produce any CO2 emissions. He wanted it to be simple, easy to use, and fun to drive. He designed the Motorman and, in doing so, achieved the perfect balance between durability, functionality, and design.

Enjoy it!
Ronald Meijs

Who’s talking?

Everything is right on the Motorman. He gives you a feeling of freedom.
Magazine Autovisie

Jaco Bijlsma, chief editor

Estate living

By far the most stylish mode of transport.

Cruising around on the first MEIJS Motorman to land on South African shores


Jason Bradbury

World's Coolest Electric Motorbike?

World's coolest electric motorbike


A light and transparent vehicle that permits you to drive clean, happy and in style through the inner city.
MEIJS Motorman, winner of the 2017 Good Industrial Design Award

Jury Report

I am really excited. It 's great fun! Thanks for the great service.

Malte Hollstein

AIT Architecture

Driving enjoyment with high flirt factor.

Motorman - tested by Jan Kliebe, architect



E wie elegant

Sie glauben immer noch, E-Bikes wären etwas für Rentner? Diese Zweiräder werden Sie sofort umstimmen.


Mein Motorman ist nun 3 Jahre alt, sieht aus wie neu und funktioniert tadellos...Ich transportiere Arbeitstasche und Einkäufe... In 3 Jahren bin ich 3300 km gefahren. Dabei habe ich 3300 km lang gelächelt. Vielen Dank fur ein Gerät , was die Herzen fröhlich macht. Dirk Holzke

Motorman has arrived and oh my gosh he's just great, I already have had a spin on him. Smooth quite and so comfortable. Fantastic bit of kit....over the moon.

Peter Burton


Die Zukunft des Mopeds

Stern-Redakteur Frank Janssen hat sich das Elektro-Zweirad aus den Niederlande genauer angeschaut.


Designer's Choice

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    Find the motorman here

    You can see the Motorman driving around in cities like Amsterdam, Antwerp, London, Paris, Saint Tropez, Bordeaux, Oslo, Zurich, Basel, Bastad, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Munich, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Helsinki, Johannesburg.